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Re: Trek Year: To Boldly Watch Every Episode in One Year

I could easily watch it all in a year but review it all? That takes heroic stamina. I'd get sick of talking about it before I got sick of watching it.

I've seen it all through multiple times, but yeah you might want to have a day when you watch 5 and then take a break. I just did a fairly quick first watch of all 10 seasons of Stargate and there were a few times in there when I felt like I needed a break from the franchise itself (having already seen the other 7 seasons of the other two series).

I'm looking fwd to reading your updates, hope you keep this thread alive as you go through them all!

IF you could do a synopsis of your youtubes on FB that would be good.. I see you are listing favorite serious, favorite funny etc.. eps for TOS season 2. I'll never listen to all 17 minutes of this, I have a short attention span. But if you have on your FB page I'll definitely read it

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