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Re: The ENT and Melakon

1:11 - Cold Front

TV Blurb: Silik gets religion, T'Pol's a nonbeliever, Daniels spills his guts.

The Temporal Cold War starts to simmer when Silik infiltrates a group making a pilgrimage aboard Enterprise. Written by Stephen Beck & Tim Finch. Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill.

Most of the action is aboard Enterprise, with some nice special effects and a large cast of recurring guests, speaking parts, and extras. Travis gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar (so to speak) on the bridge.

I was never a fan of the TCW because in the pilot, they tried to introduce too many things at once. Besides meeting the regulars, we get some arc we're supposed to follow with new aliens, new factions, and half naked girls tonguing butterflies.

But as I've mentioned elsewhere, I've liked John Fleck's work previously. Matt Winston was okay, but Daniels just comes off as some know-it-all schmuck to me.

The season's blooper reel has an outtake of Phlox reciting the pilgrims' litany, and John Billingsley phlux up.

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