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Re: Top 5 Episodes/Serials?

R.O.D: Well it's definitely better then some of the shit Moffat craps out nowadays.

F.I.S: Well it's the tenth anniversary series. They wanted to do something good.

A.I.S: I should see it.

Dalek: I liked the Parting of Ways/Bad Wolf. The Stolen Earth/Journeys End was quite good. Not as good though. Didn't like the whole cult of skaro thing the daleks had going on. I found it silly. The Moffat dalek episodes have been appalling. But yeah n hindsight, the Eccleston dalek episodes are the only very good ones.

I.O.T: Yeah, I never like the longer serials much. I like ones with four or under episodes. Otherwise it begins to drag on. Yeah it does seem menacing, but a puny race like the sontarans realistically could not have pulled it off.
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