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Re: Top 5 Episodes/Serials?

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On the fly here, from recollection...this is really hard with so many incarnations and 5:

1. Robots of Death
2. Frontier in Space
3. Dalek
4. Ark in Space
5. Invasion of Time

Robots of Death-I liked this one, a respectable episode. I'd have given it average ratings myself, but it's a nice enjoyable story.

Frontier in Space-Not it's biggest fan, I'm not going to like. Was okay, but not anywhere near my favourite. Still a respectable episode though.

Dalek-Yes I love this one! A fantastic modern adaptation of the daleks, and shows what just one of these bad boys can do! the acting, cast, plot, everything was fantastic in that episode, a firm favourite of mine too. Might be in my top ten.

Arc in Space-Never seen this one, heard it was good though.

Invasion of Time-Been so long since I last saw this one, I can barley remember the details. I think I remember getting a little bored in it mind you. Still a respectable episode mind you.

Robots of Death...They created a totally convincing society in about 90 minutes. Incredible world building...really cool idea about mining ore from wind on suitable planets. They also had unique robots (androids) that were Asian styled, instead of the usual run-of-the-mill tinker toy ones. There were also some interesting elements about psychological reactions to robots: one totally dependent and accepting of them, another afraid of them in human form if they seemed too much alike (the uncanny valley). I thought it was claustropohobic and clever, a model for episodes similar to it that came after.

Frontier in Space: An example of Dr Who doing what it had no business doing with it's budget: Intergalactic brinksmanship and war. We had a developed alien race in improved makeup and burgeoning Earth based empire growing out into space. There were some timely messages about the cold war here and the Doctor was all over the place: space, Earth, the moon...amazing. I wish the new series did more episodes like this.

Ark in Space: A message of enduring mankind, overcoming obstacles. Some nice production design for a change and a straight science fiction story that never strays into fantasy or silliness as the new show often does.

Dalek: Somewhat ruined by subsequent Dalek episodes. Sad.

Invasion of Time: I recall this one being a longer serial than usual (we saw the ENTIRE episode at one time here in the US). There's something menacing about Gallifrey being attacked, and while the Vardens were inconsequential, the Sontarans never are!
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