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Re: Top 5 Episodes/Serials?

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On the fly here, from recollection...this is really hard with so many incarnations and 5:

1. Robots of Death
2. Frontier in Space
3. Dalek
4. Ark in Space
5. Invasion of Time

Robots of Death-I liked this one, a respectable episode. I'd have given it average ratings myself, but it's a nice enjoyable story.

Frontier in Space-Not it's biggest fan, I'm not going to like. Was okay, but not anywhere near my favourite. Still a respectable episode though.

Dalek-Yes I love this one! A fantastic modern adaptation of the daleks, and shows what just one of these bad boys can do! the acting, cast, plot, everything was fantastic in that episode, a firm favourite of mine too. Might be in my top ten.

Arc in Space-Never seen this one, heard it was good though.

Invasion of Time-Been so long since I last saw this one, I can barley remember the details. I think I remember getting a little bored in it mind you. Still a respectable episode mind you.
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