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Re: Favourite Doctor?

The thing is I like to take doctor who seriously. I've grown up with doctor who pretty much all my life, and I never really saw any humour in it.

I've always liked things dark and gritty, probably why I liked Torchwood so much. But doctor who, humour, I don't like the two together. Sure add a little humour, make a few jokes, but over all, doctor who is not a comedy.

I don't want doctor who to go through a silly phase, just give us some great stories instead.

In my mind, dinosaurs on a spaceship was too far in the silly and childish direction. However, I will admit the following episode, "A town called mercy" was so much worse. corny cowboy music, utter shit.

In my mind, doctor who needs to go back to the slightly more mature and dark direction of the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth doctors eras.
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