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Re: Margaret Thatcher dead at 87

I can't claim this - it was posted on another forum I visit, and I actually don't quite agree with all of it. For anyone who can't understand the hatred for Thatcher, this will give you some idea :

1) The woman whose anti-Trade Union policies reduced the power of collectivism to zero, and who decimated the employment rights of working class people everywhere. As a result, employers were legally permitted to replace proper meaningful jobs and apprenticeships, and exploit workers on perverted government schemes, paying them just 25 pounds per week in the process. Right-wing, extremist social and economic policy, espoused by the likes of Friedrich Hayek & Milton Friedman was to become the order of the day, and at it’s peak, over 3.6 million people would be out of work and on the dole.
2) The woman who massively widened the already obscene gap between the rich and the poor, as her supporters in big business, the newly privatised utilities, and the arms and defence industries made billions. The rich got richer, the poor got poorer, and the word 'underclass' entered the public vocabulary for the first time. For millions of people, Thatcherism represented nothing more than crippling unemployment, homelessness, poverty, crime, drug abuse and hopelessness. For the elite Thatcherism represented an opportunity for the rich to get even richer by asset-stripping the country, as the orgy of greed that was Deregulation, was spun to look like something that the nation should be proud of, rather than the obscene, carpet-bagging, feeding frenzy that it actually was.
3) The woman who actively promoted selfishness, and disdain for those less able, with her infamous 'no such thing as society' mercenary attitude, and who almost worshipped greed and opportunism as virtues. On 23rd September 1987, she told journalist Douglas Keay: “People say ‘I am homeless, the Government must house me’, and so they are casting their problems onto society, and who is society ? There is no such thing ! There are individual men and women, and no government can do anything except through people. People must look to themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves”. Dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, sink or swim, and I'm alright Jack - the very essence of Thatcherism, and her cold-hearted, wicked, vindictive, self-serving policies. Despite having no mandate to govern in Scotland, where she was rejected at the ballot box three times; three times she returned her illegitimate administration to power. And for eleven and a half years, her despotic, vindictive and spiteful policies were imposed upon the working class peoples who openly and democratically rejected her. Hell hath no fury like a dictator scorned, and she was to exact an awful toll for such rejection. People who drew strength from their working communities, were to have those communities erased before their very eyes. The weeds would relentlessly grow, where for centuries there was working life.
4) The woman whose atrocious employment policies favoured those who kept her in power, at the expense of the working class people who actually generated the wealth. During her reign 250,000 people in Scotland lost their jobs as coal mines closed and industrial giants such as Ravenscraig Steel Plant were shut. A highly skilled industrial workforce, was annihilated at the stroke of a pen. Heavy industry, at the time was inefficient, heavily subsidised, and in need of modernisation. Instead of operating on the patient, Thatcher switched the life support system off. The subsidies could be used as tax breaks elsewhere, to reward those middle and upper classes, who kept her in power. Secure, full-time employment in manufacturing, engineering, and heavy industry was replaced with low paid casual, temporary contract work in the call centre, fast food, and service sectors. In the process, worker's rights were eroded to almost zero. An almost fanatical anti-Europeanism ensured that it would be many, many more years before Britain entered parity with the rest of the European Union on worker's rights and minimum wage levels. In many cases, parity is still a long way off.
5) The woman who led a campaign demanding that General Augusto Pinochet be set free, after he was detained in the UK under an international arrest warrant from Spain, who were seeking his extradition to face charges of war crimes. The vile dictator, was directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of workers, socialists and other political opponents; presided over mass executions, torture and ****; and was openly described by his evil admirer, as 'a bastion of democracy' and the man ‘who brought democracy to Chile’.
6) The woman who called mass-murdering dictator Suharto 'one of our very best and most valuable friends'. Suharto, with the full backing of obscene capitalists like Thatcher, waded to power through rivers of blood, as more than a million people were slaughtered and the whole population was held in fear of their lives for over 30 years. In the genocide that decimated East Timor, Suharto's gestapo, known as Kopassus, gunned down innocent men, women, and children with British-supplied Heckler & Koch machine guns, fired from British-supplied Tactica 'riot control' vehicles and received military training in counter-terrorism techniques from the British SAS. Such were the levels of premeditated violence meted out by the Kopassus in East Timor, the elite Special Air Service Regiment of the Australian special forces ceased training with them.
7) The woman who ruthlessly and brutally ordered the sinking of the General Belgrano, to undermine impending peace talks and enter the Falklands War, to boost her flagging ratings at home. After being tracked for nearly 36 hours by the British nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror, the Belgrano was was sunk by three torpedoes on May 2nd, 1982, despite being well outside a 200-mile exclusion zone, and heading in the opposite direction from the Falklands. Nothing short of wanton pre-meditated mass murder, in order to facilitate a political goal, and cynically attempt to regenerate flagging ratings. War is VERY good for business, and Thatcher viciously and ruthlessly capitalised on this premise. If a few thousand Argentinian men need be needlessly slaughtered in the process, then so be it. The working classes did have some uses though, and to sustain her war for ratings, 258 British soldiers were sacrificed as cannon fodder. Sueing the British Government at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in July 2000, human rights lawyer Teresa Moya Dominguez, representing the families of the 323 murdered sailors, stated : "It is now the right moment in history for this. What we want fundamentally, is for the sinking of the General Belgrano to be recognized as a war crime." 8) The woman who allowed ten young men to starve themselves to death, by refusing to acknowledge the fact that they were imprisoned for their political beliefs, and for actions related to the political situation in Ireland. By trying to have them classed as common criminals - a tag no political prisoner has ever worn - she signed their death warrants. She did so freely, maliciously, willingly, and without afterthought, despite there being numerous opportunities to resolve the situation by alternative means. Before their lingering and painful deaths, for over four years the hunger-strikers were systematically, routinely and repeatedly brutalised, beaten, tortured, molested, and abused by hired sectarian thugs, who as agents of the British state security apparatus in Ireland, positively revelled in their role as Thatcher’s paid frontline thugs.
9) The woman who routinely used state-sponsored terrorism to assassinate Republican activists in Ireland (and other soveriegn territory), and who unilaterally acted as judge, jury, and executioner by covertly re-introducing the death penalty for those who dared to oppose British imperialism on Irish soil. The mere trivialities of due process were discarded, the law was circumvented, the military was used to police the nation, and summary execution was proscribed for anyone suspected of being a Republican. Events in the Grand Hotel, Brighton, in the early hours of the 12th October 1984, were to demonstrate to Thatcher, just how deep resentment towards her in Ireland ran. She would subsequently require protection from armed guards, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the rest of her wretched life.
10) Despite not wishing to blame the parent for the sins of the child - her bastard reprobate offspring. Mark Thatcher, a human scum-bucket arms dealer, who used his mother’s insidious connections to line his pockets, and who also financed a failed coup d'etat in Equatoreal Guinea. Along with British upper class mercenaries Simon Mann and Nick Du Toit, Thatcher attempted to overthrow President Mbasogo, intent on seizing the country's vast natural oil and gas reserves. If successful, the coup would have installed opposition leader Severo Moto as the new President, in return for preferential oil rights to corporations affiliated to those involved with the coup. Greed, corruption and the conquest of power - the very ethos of the wicked old bastard, whose demise the world should raise a glass to. And that’s before we get onto her pontificating obnoxious bastard of a daughter.

As to her being the first female Prime Minister - one of her MP's (Edwina Currie I believe) said something along the lines of 'She might have been the first one up the ladder, but she pulled the ladder up after her'...
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