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Re: Classic monsters return (spoilers)

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Meh, I've never seen the Peladon stories so I can't judge, but I don't like the concept of bad guys turning good.
Well, I can see where you're coming from, as the notion of the bad guys actually being honourable warriors who'll become your most reliable allies under the right circumstances has become a major league cliche. But when Curse did it to the Ice Warriors back in 72 it was fresh, if not unique, in TV SF (there'd been variants on the old Robin Hood/Little John fight at first meeting and end up as friends trope, but I can't think of any case of an established regular villain comign good). It was a major surprise, on the scale of Han Solo saying: "Actually, Vader hired me to infiltrate you idiots years ago... Here's all their secret codes, Lord Vader." ("Well done, Han. By the way, I am your father. You know, Luke's actually stupid enough to believe he might be my son just because I said so?")
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