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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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Star Fleet Command had sanctioned the mission with the Son'a, set up the duck blind mission with a cloaked ship and even pulled officers from certain ships to assist (Data). They retracted their support for the plan after Picard got all high and mighty and subverted their attempts..
Starfleet Command never retracted their support, the Federation Council temporarily suspended the operation in order to undertake a review. I believe (ymmv) after the review a second collector would have been produced, the Baku relocted, and the particales harvested for the benefit of the Federation's people.

AllStarEntprise wrote: View Post
TNG's "Insurrection" with Admiral Doughtery sanctioning the removal of the Ba'ku to get ...
It was my take from repeatedly watching the movie, that it was the Federation Council (and not Doughtery) that sactioned the removial of the Baku, and the collection of the medically beneficial particales. Doughtery was brought in at some point to run the program, but he wasn't making policy decisions.
and working with a known Dominion ally during the Dominion War
I wonder about this, the Sona were producing "the white," but it was never stated that the Sona were making it for the Dominion. Riker said that the Sona were producing ketracel white as a narcotic, suggesting that they were selling the white to the general population.

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Becuase Section 31 conducts covert operations supposedly in defense of it, many of which could bite the federation in the ass if they were found out so they should have to get authorization from their freaking government before they do that kind of stuff.
I don't agree.

If S31 were undertaking activities that the Federation governing body wouldn't authorize, in order to defend the Federation. What purpose would it serve to approach the Council for permission?

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