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Re: Favourite Doctor?

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Tom Baker, "Robot" (1974)

Yes, but, but, boo hoo, I want to go home!
Haha ok

I think the point is there a danger of taking DW far too seriously. If you had a show like, I dunno, Battlestar Galactica or something with an episode called "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" that would seem out of character tonally. But DW has always been a bit daft and quirky and, yes, childlike.

It is aimed at a family audience, and as much as some older fans might wince at some of the more slapstick elements of the current era - and I include myself in that! - it's worth remembering

a) that it is not that different from similarly daft things in past eras and therefore tonally okay for the show and

b) we are not the only people the show is for, and there will have no doubt been thousands of children watching the show who adored every last minute of Dinosaurs.

You can go too far in that direction, but I don't think Moffat, who has made many many questionable decisions in his era, has.
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