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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

I wrote a long-long post that took too long, so I was logged out while typing up the reply and lost what I wrote, so I'll keep it short this time.*

The violinist was interesting, I wish she hadn't run away yet, it's nice to see Bert Peterson in another way besides knocking objects from people's desks, and Peggy has grown into her role as Creative Director. The scenes involving CGC were my favorite. Hawaii was nice. The Doctor was a good addition to the show and I've always liked the actor who plays him...

... but as for everything else? No.

The rape joke Betty made? Not funny. Sally's attitude? That's going to get old really fast. And someone should've said something about her saying "Betty". Don back to his old tricks? I'm not surprised but I'm disappointed? And with the Doctor's wife? It looks like he's heading down the same path as Pete last year.

[Posted before I lose it again, to be edited.]

Continued: It's hard to take Don's thoughts, or what he thinks in general, seriously when he's going around in circles. With the cheating, I'd say that he's actually regressed as opposed to simply spinning wheels. The burden to carry the torch of interesting story in this relationship is now on Megan. How will she react if she finds out? Will she cheat too, whether or not she does? And, yeah, Don's unfaithfulness in his previous marriage can't be blamed on Betty, no matter how much he tried to use that as an excuse last season for his past behavior.

And why is Peggy still with Abe? They couldn't be more mismatched at this point. And not even in an Opposites Attract manner. They don't compliment each other with their differences, they just don't fit together at all. Except maybe as Peggy's research to see what young guys think of X product or pitch.

And Again: Too many things annoyed me about this episode. The stairway to the second floor calls way too much attention to itself. Don's throwing up at Roger's mother's wake. Roger's scenes with the psychiatrist were overdone. And the random wedding was way too random even though it's obvious it's something that's going to play into later.

The guy in accounts was annoying, but he's supposed to be annoying, and Ken put him in his place, so that's good but, like Sally's attitude, the account guy's persistence will get really old really fast.

Some of the styles look ridiculous now but since that's period-accurate, I can't fault them for it... on a technicality.

It's sad to say this but, from my perspective, I don't think the sixth season is going to be on par with the first five.

* And yes, this is still short compared to what I wrote before.

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