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Re: Section 31 is a positive for the Federation (spoilers from TV & bo

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I don't disagree with you Danger Ace. I was merely playing devils advocate for the Roddenberryites who believe Section 31 ruins his vision. When in TOS, and TNG his ideals of utopian, enlightened society never really lived up to scrutiny. I can ramble off examples from early TNG when the whole enlightened preachiness began but I wont. I just think fa s were disappointed such a bent Org like Section 31 with its everything is on the table attitude exists in Star Trek universe. I feel Section 31 has it's place . Gene ideals about the future were just that ideals.
All-Star, just so you know ... the fun is in the back-and-forth and exchanging of point-of-views. Yours were excellent posts.

Admittedly I couldn't keep up with regards to the novels because I haven't read one since 1983 when I purchased "Black Fire" to read on a flight to Oklahoma. That one was so bad I swore off them - it just burst my bubble. I did enjoy "Spock Must Die" and "Klingon Gambit" though.

A caveat to that I did read the novelizations to the TOS series back in the 70s and movie adaptions (TMP and TWoK).
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