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Re: Was anybody surprised by Dukat striking a deal with the Dominion?

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Did anybody like that it seemed to come out of nowhere? I mean, in retrospect, it seems like something that an opportunist like Dukat would do under the right circumstances- and the events of S4, specifically, the overthrow of the Central Command, the Klingon invasion of Cardassia, his demotion to freighter captain, his disillusionment about his government's weakness against the Klingons certainly laid the groundwork for his desire for Cardassia to join with the Dominion to make it "strong" and "proud" again- but would it have been interesting in seeing Dukat meet with the Dominion or were we better off not knowing before it actually happened? It does make you wonder how he contacted the Dominion and began his "negotiations"?
I was 13 at the time he did this. It did catch me off-guard. But I have said (as an adult) that, whether it was done for ratings or not (bringing in the Klingons as antagonists), it makes perfect sense in a show about oppression to have a race that wants to be "strong again" by hooking up with the Dominion. They did a good job leading this story where it needed to go and make perfect sense (while saying something about the world in which we live). Remembering that the Klingons and Federation were the only threats, having a changeling in charge of all of it, but not making the decisions, was perfect. It's one of the things I really like about the 4-5 seasons. This looks well-planned.
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