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Re: Question about TWOK DE (HD) on iTunes

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"Methinks the lady doth protest too much"

I managed to make 7 posts without saying which version was "inferior ---IMO"

But in your first post you managed to throw that in. Goody for you---thanks for letting us know where you stand.
No, I stated the alternate takes are inferior. Also, I managed to totally avoid going off the deep end and use insulting language about anybody else's posts for absolutely no reason.

Oh, by the way, this is a message board primarily used for people to express their opinions on Star Trek.
The alterate takes are indeed inferior. About the only addition I quite like is the

"That young man is my son"

in the jeffries tube.

The rest don't really add much at all. I don't like the re-editing of the "rednax 5" scene, I'm not sure it needs all the stuff with Scotty's nephew and I hate the way that bones says "admiral, what about the rest of the inspection" in this version. It loses all the humour IMHO.

Oh, and I think Grant totally overeacted IMHO.

IMHO of course
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