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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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Except, Nichelle Nichols did release an album in 1967 (and one or two sometime later). She was a lounge singer of modest talent (I say that because I'm nice). She didn't leave the show because she never had even the promise of anything better (or at all) - Oh yeah, and tha encounter with MLK.

Sleeping with Gene Roddenberry was a lottery win for her.
That's a bit harsh, especially considering that a lot of Trek actors never did anything else of note after the show.
Not at all. Nichelle was hired because she was having sex with Gene Roddenberry. He even fired another african-american actor to make room for her. Fortunately for her "Star Trek" took-off the way it did because she wasn't making by virtue of her talent as a singer or an actress.

But yes, I agree, Trek was a windfall for both Takei and Koening as well. I spoke of Nichols merely because she was the focus of the conversation. My main point was her singing wasn't good enough to support her showbiz ambitions though she was given opportunity.

Also I seem to recall someone mentioning how Gene Roddenberry was to thank for her getting some night club bookings too.
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