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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Don's cheating again was quite predictable, and as I posted right after last season ended, boring. Well, not unwatchably boring but certainly not as exciting as it was in the first couple of seasons. I was hoping they would have Don find a different way to express his need to escape or his dissatisfaction with the way things are working out with Megan's high profile career. It is also clear that he still loves Megan - or so it seemed to me.

I thought they portrayed Betty as more human than she has ever been. There is no way season 1 or 2 Betty would have gone down to the Bowery (or wherever that was) with the rats and filth and the (gasp!) unemployed, to help someone. BTW, is she still wearing a fat suit?

Betty's little pedo/rape fantasy was pretty raw, for her. But again, I think it was another step toward making her more human. She always had a raunchy side, but she was always trying to hide it -- she's letting her freak flag fly, here.

I love the way people talk to each other in this show. They are blunt, very direct. It really stands out today because of the care that has to be taken not to hurt feelings or make anyone uncomfortable. This is the way it was before political correctness took hold.

My favorite detail: Peggy picking Oakland or Houston to play in the Super Bowl against Green Bay. Those were the 2 AFC finalists with the Raiders making it to the SB to lose to the Packers.

Peggy is getting to be just like Don -- torturing her team until they (or she) come up with some good ideas.

The clothes and hair just screamed 1967. Their move into '68 should be very interesting. That was a very violent year.
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