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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2013

^Although these days, a lot of what Bad Robot does is to help get other people's visions on the air. Person of Interest is Jonathan Nolan's show top to bottom, Revolution is Eric Kripke's. Abrams has become an executive who bankrolls and produces other people's creations alongside making his own -- much like Spielberg before him. (I remember that back in the '80s, a lot of people assumed that Gremlins and Back to the Future and Young Sherlock Holmes were Spielberg films, because Spielberg's name was more familiar at the time than Joe Dante's or Robert Zemeckis's or Barry Levinson's, and when people saw him listed as executive producer, they just assumed he was the director/auteur as well -- although of course it didn't help that the advertising played up Spielberg's name to get people into the theater. Now much the same thing seems to be happening with Abrams.)
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