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Re: Rewatching Star Trek Enterprise

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I was hoping for TNG, DS9, and Voyager mixed cast, I think would be great movie, with some outstanding actors, as long as the story was well written.

Does anybody agree?

They had a hard enough time throwing a few lines to the TNG minor characters. A mixed-cast movie would be a mess.
Keith, as much as I would love to see something like that (and I've also had the same thought over the years), I'm going to have to agree with BillJ if I'm being realistic. But the bigger reason for me is the fact that it would be too costly to pay the talent. Imagine having to pay ALL of those actors to be in one movie! Given the declining success of the TNG films and the Trek TV franchise back then, they wouldn't have considered taking that risk anyway. And if they just used a select group from each cast, there would surely be heart-broken fans because "their favorite actor/actress" was not in the movie. So it's a good thing to dream about, and it would probably make a lovely novel/animated series/comic book series/fanfic, but I just don't see it then or now on as a live action movie.
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