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New Avatar Contest: Welcome to... Jurassic Park!


I hope the mods can delete my Ebert-themed contest. I liked the idea for it, but it probably won't spur a lot of entries.

The new theme is simpler, load your coolest avatar related to the Jurassic Park franchise of books, films, toys, cultural influence, etc. You know, regular rules apply!

I also had another idea for a contest that someone can use later if they wish: "We're not listening!" The theme would be sci-fi/ fantasy characters that try to warn the main characters of something they need to know but, for some reason, the people that need to hear it, don't. It could be a warning of the very nature of nature itself, like Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park or R2-D@ from Star Wars, who knew what he had to do from the start. If this was a regular Media contest, John McClane would also qualify, as in when he tries repeatedly to get authorities involved in the Nakatomi takeover.

But we'll hold off on that. This time, let's celebrate Jurassic Park!
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