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Re: "Plato's Stepchildren:" Kirk-Uhura Rape Scene?

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In the episodes, Pegasus was hitched to a plow.
That should be 'Aphrodite's wings were bound, and she was brought back to Earth.'

What gets me about all of this with her and her talent is that Paramount/Dot wouldn't even consider recording her, but was interested in recording Leonard Nimoy, who sang a ton of crap (and who still has fans that want to see his records be released on CD by Universal Music Group!) I'm surprised that she didn't leave the show because of that.
Except, Nichelle Nichols did release an album in 1967 (and one or two sometime later). She was a lounge singer of modest talent (I say that because I'm nice). She didn't leave the show because she never had even the promise of anything better (or at all) - Oh yeah, and tha encounter with MLK.

Sleeping with Gene Roddenberry was a lottery win for her.
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