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Re: Question about TWOK DE (HD) on iTunes

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That has nothing to do with my post--just an excuse to promote your preferred version of the movie---Lame.
Eh, I was just trying to add to the discussion. I truly haven't got the slightest idea why you'd respond to my post in such a way. What the hell's wrong with you?
The discussion is about whether the Itunes HD version is taken from an HD master or is upscaled.

Quoting my post, which is related to the excuse/reason why they didn't release the DE on Blu-ray and therefore, indicates that the iTunes is not taken from an actual HD master of the DE---is related to the thread OPs question.

Chiming in with another, "yipee my preferred version is the one they used for the Blu-ray!" is lame in my opinion.

Every time someone talks about why the DE isn't on Blu-ray or lamenting that it isn't--- a few people always seem to ignore that theme and basically say how happy they are that the theatrical is and that it is superior---which is totally opinion and doesn't have anything to do with why or when the DE will make it to Blu-ray.

There's more wrong with those people than with me.
Jesus, it was a totally innocent post - I felt the information was relevant in as much as the alternate takes would also have to be sourced for a 1080 transfer. I even stated it was "my humble opinion" with reference to their relative quality. You're being ridiculously over-aggressive and I just can't believe you feel justified in attacking my post in the way you did. I am truly taken aback?
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