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Re: Godzilla 2014: Rumors, Pix and filming

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That's why I never liked the look of Godfilla in the Japanese movies. That upright posture just screams IT'S A FAKE!
The lumbering upright stance was considered correct in 1954. As I mentioned before I am on another Godzilla related forum discussing this new movie and there are very zealous fans who want the upright stance and are fearful that any more horizontal stance will be like the 1998 movie which many of them cannot stand with a firey passion.

I don't mind the traditional Godzilla stance. However, as it has been noted many of the Godzilla movies in the 2000s did alter that stance a bit even with a man in a suit.

For this movie I want to see something between the traditional stance and the stance used in Godzilla 1998.

I like this picture. I am not crazy about the face but it does depict the stance of Godzilla I would like to see.

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