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Re: Intrepid Updates

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That's true Mike, although to be honest I think I'm just being fairly realistic about the pros and cons of what we've done.

And thank you again folks.

I'm currently hopeful we'll get this out by mid-May, but it could still be later in the month. Ran into some problems with the ADR one one scene, where we just couldn't make the dialogue match. As a result, I'm having to make some visual changes to that scene, but I don't forsee it being a major delay.

I'm really tempted to sit down with Steve, who directed and edited it, and record a commentary track, if only to talk about the various roadblocks we've had.
That sound like a great idea Nick! I think it would be very generous to share your hard-won knowledge and hopefully save some other would-be producers from having to learn the hard(est) way. I don't think it takes long for anyone who gets involved in these projects to realize that there is no "easy" way to learn how to do it!
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