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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Meditations on the Abyss - Delenn is pretty good at breaking fingers. Vir hasn't been around for awhile, it was nice to see him again. The fast food stuff was funny, as was how Londo reacted to the Drazi bug. Vir losing his mind was hilarious. He just destroyed that fruit stand. G'Kar finally got his new eye. Minbari fighters look interesting. I'm guessing that the pilots fly while laying down, atleast thats what it looked like. I figured the lack of air was a test, it seems like something the Rangers would do. G'Kar's talk about his book was interesting, although I don't know if his followers understood what he meant about the light. Having a coffee stain be a permenant part of the book was funny. Overall, this was a very good episode.

Darkness Ascending - Garibaldi's dream was interesting, although now I'm wondering if creepy white eyed Lyta might have actually been real Lyta and G'Kar's deal is interesting, although the "Pleasure Threshold" thing was really creepy I'm glad Delenn got the better of Sheridan during their fight. She was right to send Lennier out to get evidence. Garibaldi was a bit of an ass this episode, and is obviously out of control with the drinking, but you'd think his girlfriend (assuming she believed him) could have atleast not had a glass of wine at dinner on the same day they just had a fight about drinking. I know she doesn't have a problem, and he was sneaking drinks anyway, but she didn't know that so she probably shouldn't have been drinking right in front of him, it seems only fair, atleast in that situation. Garibaldi's drinking keeps causing problems, I'm sure its building to him making a big mistake. Lennier's fighter must be very stealthy to be able to attach to a ship and steal air without being detected. I guess the Centauri don't have sensors on the hulls of their ships. This Centauri situation is going to go badly. I'm betting that Londo is 3-4 episodes away at most from becoming puppet Londo. I was really hoping that would happen off screen, after season 5, but it looks like it won't. I'll probably have to watch atleast an episode or two with my favorite character just being a puppet. Thats going to suck, but besides that I'm interested in seeing what happens next. this was a good episode.
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