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Re: Was anybody surprised by Dukat striking a deal with the Dominion?

Yes, he has been overconfident at times but Dukat wasn't generally impulsive. He was a very deliberate man. He was always in a position working behind the scenes so as take credit when he could but also escape blame. Joining the Dominion openly and putting his name out there as the guy responsible is just not his style. Way too risky. I can see a guy like Gul Evek being more willing to do something like that. I just feel like a Cardassia that was generally weekened anyway at this point should have known that they had nothing for the Dominion in terms of strength after another prolonged conflict with the Federation. This is a Cardassia that had been in recent conflict with the Federation, then the Maquis and considerable damage from the Klingon invasion force. I could have seen Cardassia as the lone power refusing to join the Alpha Quadrant powers and then stirring the pot once the Dominion was taken care of.
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