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Re: Thatch kicks the bucket -

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She bequeathed us a country where anyone could make it if they had the talent, the ambition and the work ethic.
Cool, where is it? Like, a new island constructed in the atlantic or something? I'll tell my friends from up north their families should move there.

[edit] for the sake of serious commentary, Thatcher's actions should be placed in context - winter of discontent, Britain's poor economy in the 70s, the "sick man of europe" etc. But while the southeast gained from the sweeping free-marketeer changes, it was at rather a cost to the rest of the country.

And now we're a nation that... relies on bankers, doesn't make a lot and has large areas that are deprived and economically pretty dead.

What could have been done different in the 80s? I dunno. I'm not an economist. But while I find some displays of joy over this rather distateful (she's been irrelevant for over a decade now), I can understand where the anger comes from.
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