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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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Would you still recommend the novelization for reading it if is that jarring and judgemental of its source material? I like Enterprise, it was the first series that went on screen when I was old enough to watch the pilot episode.
No, personally I would not. It is short, you may as well give it a try if you are a big Enterprise fan or a collector, but I was really disappointed. I had just finished watching all 4 seasons and really loved the show, so I decided I wanted to read all the books and started with Broken Bow. Every other scene she was having a character dissect a line that was just spoken like the example I already gave, or the ones given by Braga. It was really frustrating to me, and I made it about 40% into the Kindle version before I stopped and I still haven't picked it back up nor did have I gotten around to other Enterprise novels yet after that experience.
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