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I always got the impression the S'ona joined up with the Dominion as a result of the Insurrection incidents.
No it was before since Riker stated in INS the Son'a were known producers of ketracel white.

Regardless that's still some shady dealing on StarFleets behalf. Makes you question the whole we are desperate and losing this war thing in DS9, if Section 31 and Star Fleet command are making deals openly with the Dominion's allies.

there's a difference between supplier and ally. The Son'a weren't allies of the Dominion until Picard's actions in INS pushed them to that point.
Rather speculative don't you think? Considering
he importance of the white to the Dominions foot soldiers and starship operators the Jem'hadar. Its doubtful the Founders would trust the manufacture and distribution of the white to a casual ally. The Son a had to be full partners with the Dominion to be held with such responsibility and confidence of a task. Unlike Romulus and Bajor who both signed non-agression pacts with the Dominion. We never saw either actively contribute to the Dominion's war effort like the Son a were stated to in INS and DS9 'penumbra'. I believe it was stated the Son a colonies were located on the edge of Cardassian and Bajoran space. Potentially making the Son'a one of the first allies the Dominion made after entering the wormhole.

Back on topic, Star Fleet Command had sanctioned the mission with the Son'a, set up the duck blind mission with a cloaked ship and even pulled officers from certain ships to assist (Data). They retracted their support for the plan after Picard got all high and mighty and subverted their attempts. Star Fleet Command got caught and had to appear sympathetic and ignorant of the goings on. Had Doughtery not been killed I wager he would've been the fall guy for the whole fiasco.
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