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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

T'Girl wrote: View Post
While there is a money making movie series, there isn't going to be a TV series.
Then why is ABC going to launch S.H.I.E.L.D., a spinoff of The Avengers movie (ABC and Marvel both being in the Disney toy chest)?

There's no contradiction between a successful movie series and a related TV series. In fact, one makes the other more likely. Hollywood likes success a whole lot and thinks in terms of brand name franchises. That's Star Trek's saving grace - it's in the winners column now. Without that, there would be no hope of a TV series at all.

Disney in particular is gung-ho about using all its IP in every way possible. ABC's development slate this year is full of Disney characters and theme park rides. (Hmm, this may be a good sign for a live-action Star Wars series?)

LtChange wrote: View Post
Bob Orci said that talks will continue after ST:ID premier ... So we should have some talk in the summer.
It would make sense if CBS wants the added security of another hit movie this summer before taking on the tricky task of figuring out where a Star Trek series would fit. Movie success may be a good sign for the brand name, but movies and TV are two very different businesses.

Dukhat wrote: View Post
Does CBS own HBO? Because if it doesn't, Star Trek will not be on HBO, unless CBS sells HBO the rights to Trek, and that ain't gonna happen.
CBS does own Showtime, same difference as HBO. So it could be on Showtime, in theory. But I don't see that happening because to Showtime (or HBO), Star Trek is not attractive.

Premium cable justifies its price by offering stuff viewers can't get elsewhere. Star Trek is associated with free TV - that's not the image Showtime wants to offer. If Showtime or HBO were inclined to do space opera, they would be more likely to follow the Game of Thrones example and pick up some well-regarded novel series that is "untainted" by network associations.

The most likely approach is an animated series, on The Cartoon Network, pitched largely at kids (but if we're lucky, palatable to adults as well). Beyond that, I could see Netflix or Amazon doing a co-production with CBS. Maybe the series would air on CBS over the summer (2014) and also on a streaming service, a la Under the Dome. (If that experiment is a success.)
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