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Re: One-time Trek guest stars you'd like to see interviewed

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-James Sloyan (Jarok/Mora)
-John Vickery (Rusot)
John Vickery cannot be on your list. By your own definition, the actor (or actress) can only have played a single character in up to a three-episode arc. John planed three characters on three series - a Betazed in TNG, a Cardassian in DS9, and a Klingon in the Abomination.

Sloyan had even more characters, including the Bajoran scientist who Odo tried to copy. He was also a Romulan on TNG, something on Voyager, and an adult Alexander on TNG.

For actual one-time guests, I'd like to see David Ogden Stiers - Timicin - interviewed.
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While every regular and pretty much every recurring player on the various shows have been interviewed multiple times for various magazines and websites, I'm always interested in what some of the more memorable guest actors, either for a single episode or two or three-part arc, have to say about their roles on the show.

There's a few I'd love to see interviewed and asked about their guest spot on the shows

(Obviously, I'm talking about living actors, not ones you'd need a Ouija board to reach).

-Bob Gunton (Maxwell)
-Frank Langella (Jaro)
-Harris Yulin (Marritza)
-Stephen McHattie (Vreenak)
-Kevin Conway (Kahless)
-Terry O'Quinn (Admiral Pressman)
-Paul Sorvino (Nikolai)
-Kelsey Grammer (Bateson)
-Beth Touissant (Ishara)
-Christopher McDonald (Castillo)
-Famke Janssen (Kamala)
-Patrick Massett (Duras)
-Lawrence Pressman (Ghemor)
-James Sloyan (Jarok/Mora)
-Bill Bolender (The Albino)
-John Vickery (Rusot)
-Clarence Williams III (Omet'iklan)
Masset did Duras twice. Pressman did Ghemor twice as well. They shouldn't be on this list
I don't think it needs to be completely hard and fast. I did say two-or-three episode arcs. Just not a regular or someone you'd consider a recurring role. Same, I think goes for actors who played two or three different roles many years apart.

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-Billy Campbell (Outrageous Okona) Be interesting to hear his take on being one of the douchier characters in Trek history

-David Ogden Stiers (Half A Life) He actually stood out to me as a rather prestigious guest actor to nab

-David Huddleston
(Emergence) You almost don't even notice he was on the show

-Bebe Neuwirth (First Contact) lol

Fionnula Flanagan (Inheritance) Until she showed up on Lost I'd hadn't seen her in anything else

-Ronny Cox
(Chain of Command) I mean... Come. on.
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David Warner, Adrienne Barbeau, and Lisa Wilcox.
David Warner and Ronny Cox have both been interviewed by
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