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Re: What ethnicity are you?

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So sad ... I'm the only Asian/Filipino on the BBS?

To be more precise, my deep, deep ancestors were originally from Eastern China. I submitted a DNA sample to the Genographic Project a couple of years ago and had my paternal side analyzed.

Haplogroup O (M175)

I guess I fall under the category of Austronesian/Malayo-Polynesian.
My wife is, but I represent her.

I remember when Oprah came back with the news that she was Zulu. My first thought was that she was scammed because at the time only the most educated on the subject could name an African tribe besides the Zulus and Mandingo. Now we have other actors and celebs showing their heritage to a certain region as if the slaves went in packs and not singles to their eventual location. I should ask my brother who is into genealogy and such if he has ever taken this step.

Even though my parents came of age during legal segregation and I during social segregation we do have one white great, great grandparent. About 30% of my generation, about half of whom were military brats, have other then Black spouses. That first generation of mixed race are universally thought of as Black except for one girl raised on Okinawa who calls herself Blasian. Her oldest girl by a Japanese man is considered Japanese and the later children with her African American husband are considered Black.
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