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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

Kai "the spy" wrote: View Post
The other thing is: "Blake - who is mourning the loss of his dead wife Rachel". Apparently, modern lead characters need to be traumatized wrecks. And the trauma has to be personal. Branded a child molester?! Nah, that's not close to the heart at all. Hunted by the government as Enemy of the State?! How unrelatable is that. No, let's have him lose his wife. Yeah, that worked so well on John Carter, so let's do it again.
Well, I stumbled over that detail, too, but if you think about it it actually was part of the original set-up of the show, as well, in some way. In the first episode, Blake learns that the tapes he's been receiving from his family are fake and that they're all dead (I hope I'm remembering this correctly). Also, Blake should have been pretty traumatised in the original show, too. After all, the government messed with his mind and memories, all his friends and family are dead and he's on the run from a totalitarian regime. It just never played a role in the original show because at the time such things were hardly ever portrayed in any realistic way.

Starkers wrote: View Post
Hmm, part of me is excited, but a larger part of me is saying uh-oh...

I'll give it a go, but I think my expectations will be pretty low...
That's my take on it, as well. I'm a bit more optimistic but the probability that it will suck is pretty high. The original show is also an incredibly hard act to follow.

Starkers wrote: View Post
I always thought it amusing to postulate that Blakes rebellion actually helped Servalan and those like her make the Federation much worse? (Of course the Andromedan invasion probably had more to do with that.)
In the end, Blakes 7 is a tragic tale of a failed revolution. All those sacrifices, all those ethical compromises and they don't even manage to kill Servalan. To me, that's why this show is so great, because it's so life-like in that aspect and doesn't sugar-coat things.
Now with a theme tune.
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