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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Don't feel awkward, I was slowly composing as you were posting.

"While myou may not like the word "commission" or what it implies, that's the way we've gotten the bulk of the "classic" figures. As I stateed above, Character options released that initial set of classic figures (Doctors 4, 5 & 6 along with several monsters like the Zygons, the Robots of Death, Magnus Greel and a few others (each blister containing parts to build Kettlewell's "Robot")) to be sold in the mainstream department stores. Wait, I take that back. I think the "Ages of Steel", a series of 4 different Cybermen (10th Planet, Tomb, Invasion, and a "leader" from the '07 series) with parts to "collect and buil" a "Tomb..." Controller also had general distribution.
Shortly afterwards, one of the major buyers was "Woolworth's" and it filed bankruptsy and closed all its stores. Suddenly a major line of revenue was gone. Character Options WAS going to abandon the "classic" line, but somehow, a deal was made with UnderGround Toys (a distributor in the U.S.) and Forbidden Planet (a specialty store of SF memorabelia in the U.K.) to continue the line. Several more figures had been planned which otherwise would have collected dust.

Basically, the terms of that deal involves UnderGround Touya and/or Forbidden Planet playing a commission fee before Character Options would even start the job. Every figure since the realease of "Ages of Steel", such as Hartnell's doctor, Troughton, Jon Pertwee, McCoy and McGann, the various Davros incarnations, the three Peri variants, the "Revenge..." Cybermen, the Leela variations, and so on, all of them were requested and paid beforehand by UT and FP. If not for them, we'd possibly have only 3 of the classic Doctors that came in that initial wave.

I assume your "nervousness" comes from the fear UT and FP may stop their commission requests. That is not just possible, it WILL happen at some point. But ALL toy lines stop sometime. Yeah, it would be a bummer if we don't get (place the name of your as yet unreleased favorite companion and/or monster here), but eventually someone will be the disappointed party. Even if we get every major companion, someone will be wanting the more obscure characters ("Hey, what about Ronson, the Kaled technician who was the first victim of a Dalek?"), but eventually, the end WILL come.

I'm just grateful we at least got all the Doctors and even some outfit variations thereof. I think most will agree those are the most vital figures. For me, everything since then has been "gravy". If the line were ended tomorrow, I'd be adequately sated.


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