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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Dr. Rosen's wife? His friend, Dr.Rosen?

Don, you're such a tool. Though I'm not surprised. I always figured he'd be out cheating eventually. Don's just a womanizer and he's never happy with what he has. When Megan didn't conform to this fantasy view he had of her, it was a matter of time. Crossing a boundary and doing his neighbor's wife is something new. He wants to get caught. Don's fearing death. It happens to a lot of people in middle age. You get scared for awhile then you learn how to deal with it. I remember getting a little obsessed after my 45th birthday. The whole, if I don't live to be 90 my life is more than half over thoughts and what have I accomplished mindset. Of course, I didn't head for the nearest friend's husband.

Don, Don, Don. If you don't care about Megan anymore, at least think of your friend. He seemed like a decent fellow. Don wants out of his marriage. He doesn't want to be the one to ask. Let's just hope next episode is a little less surreal. And what WAS with Betty and that rape joke? Too unsettling. The brown hair looked surprisingly good on her, though. An attempt to look young like Sandy, I suppose.

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