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Re: Was anybody surprised by Dukat striking a deal with the Dominion?

It was great for the show with a nice twist but I just don't think Gul Dukat would be that shortsighted. There is no way in the world he is stupid enough to think the Dominion would allow Cardassia a piece of the pie after the war with the other Alpha Quadrant powers. Even if he did know that the Dominion was just using them, did he really think they could handle the Dominion after the Federation war was over? I don't know, to me Gul Dukat is a survivor. Specifically, someone that has survived by having a knack for anticipating which way the wind was blowing. I just don't think his character would be that dumb regardless of how much he wanted to regain Cardassia to power. It would be more likely that he would try to start something with the other Alpha Quadrant powers after the Dominion war while the other powers were weakened.
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