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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

I like a lot of Diane Carey's books, but I read this one last year and thought it was terrible just for the reason pointed out here.

Greg Cox, easily one of the top guys to do novelizations surpassed only by Alan Dean Foster perhaps, made a great point in a thread about his novelization of the Dark Knight Rises last year that is something she should have taken to heart:

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
You don't want to put so much effort into explaining it away that you call attention to the plot hole or whatever
This is a major problem Diane Carey had. If she ran into a piece of dialogue or character action she didn't like she would insert some sort of snide comment, undermining the whole work. The one I brought to attention in the thread last August was when T'Pol is talking to Trip and says the comment about the sensors being less sophisticated than the ones played with by Vulcan children. She adds in a line about Trip thinking "Why did she say that? We both know Vulcan children don't play with sophisticated sensors" or something like that. The book was full of lines like that, which were actually more jarring than the lines in the script in the first place.

I realize in many ways writing a novelization is harder than writing an original novel, that you have a far more strict mandate to work under regarding what dialogue and scenes and such are in the work and that you can't deviate at all, but the point of a novelization is to sell the work you are adapting. Undermining that work isn't going to make your novel any better and isn't going to do you any favors with the rights holders. Others in this thread have pointed out she had done this in novelizations before, so I wonder why she even agreed to do this book.

I have am a bigger fan of Diane Carey than I am Braga and Berman, but in this case they are in the right.
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