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I've been avoiding this thread since Leviathan came out because the ending controversy had soured me on Mass Effect and I just didn't feel like playing any of the DLC. But the time away from the games was good for me as when Mass Effect was brought up in TNZ recently I found myself enthusing about the franchise, and that was around the time that Citadel came out to a positive reception. So I bit the bullet, purchased the DLC and have been playing through them over the last few weeks.

Leviathan: This one was pretty good, it added to the backstory of the Reapers, had a good variety of locations, and some interesting gameplay twists. I don't like how a major element of the lore is limited to a DLC as the consequences of what Shepard discovered should have a lasting impact on the galaxy, but the rest of the game has to ignore it. I also don't like that the combat sections created difficulty by constantly throwing banshees and brutes at me. Otherwise, this was the first time that the Reaper backstory had any kind of appeal for me, even if just for a moment.

Omega: This DLC was okay, but largely pointless. Honestly, I wish it had been cheaper and shorter because all it does is add one long linear mission in a red/brown setting. At least there's some new enemies, and a female Turian, and revisiting Afterlife was neat, although it lacks the amazing atmosphere it had in ME2. The lack of squadmates was also a bummer, especially considering how good Leviathan (and, later, Citadel) was in that regard. Overall, I'm glad I got this along with the other two DLCs, that way I justified paying for it as part of an expansion pack, I would probably have been disappointed if I had purchased it on its own.

Citadel: Superb. I went into this one expecting a humdrum action plot with a party for the cast at the end, but it exceeded all my expectations. The plot is silly, but that works in its favour, while the sections in the Citadel archives were a cool way to reflect on the series' lore without getting bogged down in anything serious. After the story finished, I wasn't expecting the new hub on the Citadel, nor the functional arena, arcade, and casino that comes with it. The party and the crew interactions were the icing on an already satisfying cake. Overall, it was a ridiculous yet fitting send-off to one of my favourite fictional universes.
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