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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

Other than the dead wife piece of information, there's nothing really to go on. As someone who enjoyed the original show and the surprisingly good NuBSG style audio remake, I'm also cautiously optimistic.

Also, it'll be nice to have a space opera on TV again.

I kind of hope the Liberator itself will be rather creepy (including Zen).

For me the required characters are Blake (obviously), Avon, Villa and Zen. It'd be nice if they gave us some well done female characters as well. As much as I like the original, Jenna hardly ever felt like a space pirate. Space receptionist perhaps, but not a space pirate.

Unlike Doctor Who, which is very British, Blake's 7 for the most part feels like it'd fit right in with a US space opera. The only British aspects are the anti-authority "heroes" and perhaps Avon. Note I'm not saying US sci-fi doesn't do these (Firefly for example does), I'm just saying they're more particular to the UK.

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Getting people to watch Blake's 7 in the states is going to be an uphill battle since the average Sci-Fi fan would probably see it as a Firefly rip-off (ignoring the fact that the original show has been around for decades prior).
Hopefully the lack of space opera will make them be more forgiving.
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