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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x11 "Contagion"

It always baffles me as to why the show creators thought that Taris died in this episode when we clearly see her Warbird regain power and leave the planet's orbit in the end.
It's not a given, but it's a probable outcome nevertheless - we were told that things flickering on and off and on again is a lead-in to a fatal kaboom...

In any case, the second Carolyn Seymour character might have been weakened had she been an old acquaintance of Picard: there would have been an extra plot complication had she had a personal reason to actually trust Picard, indeed owe her life to him. That'd pretty much ruin the part where her very logical intent is to blow him out of the sky without warning! "Taris being dead" was probably just something of an excuse for an already done deal of writing a purely adversarial character.

Agreed on all the bits relevant to the episode at hand, though. I guess the concept of rebooting contaminated computers could have been handled a bit less clumsily, though. It would have been perfectly okay for the characters to sarcastically comment on the impossibility of treating a giant starship like an ancient personal computer, only to discover through Data's resurrection that there was a <technobabble> way to do it after all.

Good pacing here. And this seems to be the first and only TNG take on the TOS trope where another starship captain stumbles onto a big thing that the hero captain then has to sort out. That is, TNG was full of damsel-in-distress starships - but none that would have been standing equal to the hero ship, with an equally heroic skipper and crew, and on the verge of achieving great things, until fate intervened (say, as with the Constellation and Intrepid of TOS). TNG guest skippers other than Varley were mere cannon fodder, which is a definite step down from the ambitious maniacs of TOS.

Timo Saloniemi
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