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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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Is it supposed to New Years going into 1968 or 1969? From the looks of Sally, I'd wager 1969.
I did a quick search and it said they were going into 1968. And yeah, you can see subtle hints of the 70s approaching in the clothing and hair styles. The show is good with details like that. Can't wait to see what the gang looks like when the new decade hits.

They are going stop at 1970 correct?? If so there wasn't much change from 67-68 to 1970. Just look at old tv shows and movies from that period. There were still plenty of people sporting 60ish styles. So Don clinging onto his clean cut look is not out of the question for 1970. Though I am sure they producers will have him break down like the others eventually concerning longer hair and sideburns.
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