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Re: Paramount's Brad Grey Wants to Build a TV Studio

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Why? The war wasn't in 2010. To all indications, it was somewhere around a decade before First Contact, i.e. the 2050s. So a 2009 car would also be an antique at the time.
But it would be an antique that the Kirks would have truly come into contact with, as opposed to a 1965 Corvette.
What????? Why? The war was in the 2050s. George Kirk obtained the car sometime prior to the 2230s. What is your reason for thinking that George would be more likely to come into contact with an automobile from four decades before the war and 220ish years before his own era than with an automobile from nine decades before the war and 270ish years before his own era? They'd both be prewar cars, they'd both have equal chances of surviving a nuclear war, and they'd both be very, very, very old by the time of the movie. So what is the difference?

I think that Abrams, Orci, & Kurtzman used a '65 'Vette just because it was more iconic than a 2009 'Vette.
And isn't that exactly why the '65 would be more likely to survive to the 23rd century? If it's more iconic, then there would be more interest in acquiring, restoring, and preserving antiques of that model.
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