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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

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I actually read Diane Carey's novelization before I saw the actual episode, and I think Carey wrote a much better story than what was broadcast in the pilot. Personally, I think B&B seem to think that their own "high" opinions are all that matter, and they can't believe that a lot of people thought that the show, especially during the first three seasons, just stunk.
They probably think that it's not a hired gun's place to say if it stunk, and they're right.
No, it's the Executive Producer's job, or someone higher up the chain at Paramount. They obviously didn't do their job. B&B were insulated and very surprised when they noticed someone pointing out their weaknesses. Had that been done more often, and they had a person in charge that cared about getting it done right, the series may not have been a giant turd. Ah well, can't change the past. Or can you?

The Mirrorball Man's
point still stands.
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