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Re: Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D to ABC!

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While it's of course possible to explain it away like that, I think this would somewhat diminish the emotional impact of Coulson's death in the movie.
Except we already knew in the movie that Fury used deceit about Coulson's death (faking the blood on the cards) to motivate the heroes to get over their differences. That was the point of Coulson's "last words" -- that they needed something to avenge, something to care about that would get them past their egos and forge them as a team.

Heck, the whole thing looked so faked to me that throughout the rest of the movie I was expecting Coulson to turn up alive in the final or post-credits scene. Between Coulson's last line and the fact that we didn't see him die, just heard Fury claim he was dead over the radio, it felt like they were setting the audience up for the surprise reveal that he was alive after all. (And that Whedon was playing with audience expectations -- we think of him as the guy who kills off beloved characters, so he'd make us think he'd done it again and then spring the surprise twist on us.) So his revival in the series just seems to me like the natural extension of what's already blatantly hinted at in the movie itself.
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