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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

As I said in one of the Eternal Tide threads in the Treklit forum I love babies. But babies are boring to read about. Treklit babies are both boring and deeply embarrassing to read about. I really do want Janeway to do whatever she wants to, and if she wants to have a child I will be happy for her but I just don't trust "them". Just like no one ever had a pregnancy without there being a crisis involved on soap operas I can't see them just letting this epic character have a few backpains now and then while Chak brings her a heat pack and rubs her feet. No, there would be drama, huge stupid ass drama and Chak would probably have another emo breakdown just for the heck of it. The baby would have super Q powers or be someone's messiah just when we got rid of the last messiah story line or be abducted so that both Chak and Janeway can have breakdowns. And ON AND ON..

I would rather they went back and got the lizards.

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