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Re: Was Voyager designed by Sanford and Son?

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Yes it was lovely.

If she'd been pregnant in Treklit the angst over how her baby would look would have lasted one and half books and she and Tom would have been tragically separated by hurt feelings and miscommunication. And it looks like they will get the chance to rival Troi in the my-baby-makes-me-a-drama-queen stakes in coming books!

I really didn't like this part of Relaunch. In case you didn't notice.

If Janeway has a baby I will DIE.
Within the Janeway/Chakotay fandom there are two groups, those that hate the idea of offspring (generally called baby fic), and those that want offspring. Usually the former group consists of the older more experienced fans, but this is only in general because many older fans love baby fic. My self included "if it is done right."

What I do know is that given my experience (one child), and after reading what Trek Lit has produced in the past, I have to agree with Teacake here. I also hope that they refrain from having Janeway produce a baby. Trek Lit has many strengths, producing readable baby fic is not one of them.

I do have to note the passing into limbo (meaning it's available on the Wayback Machine), of one of J/C's greats when it came to producing baby fic. Although she and her partner only wrote baby fic as the precursor to what they were really good at, Voyager full of Teenagers. They produced four different scenarios calling them "Alternate Universes." Then as a crowning fic, they got those four alternate universes together.
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