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Re: Blake's 7 given the go ahead by Syfy

My first reaction was 'Yay'.

But there are two things in that description which make me groan.

"Revolutionary reinvention"?! That could mean anything. nBSG was a revolutionary reinvention, and while it was a good show, it also didn't have much in common with the original show.

The other thing is: "Blake - who is mourning the loss of his dead wife Rachel". Apparently, modern lead characters need to be traumatized wrecks. And the trauma has to be personal. Branded a child molester?! Nah, that's not close to the heart at all. Hunted by the government as Enemy of the State?! How unrelatable is that. No, let's have him lose his wife. Yeah, that worked so well on John Carter, so let's do it again.
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