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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Up to 3 Majors now. Including my first ever Support to get that high. 2 inventory slots? Titan Armor + 3 Med Packs w/ Revive + Chitin Plating? Can you say invincible.

The Archangel Snip[er, now that I know how to use him, is downright overpowered on the open maps. Especially with a dude running around in with Ghost stirring up trouble.

The upgraded rocket launcher is pretty amazing too. Just need to get those Heavies levels a bit more. I do have the Shredder rocket for 2 of them though. Upgraded damage plus magic curving? Same trick as the Archangel for the most part, only for indoor battles. Ghost finds the cluster of enemies, then a Shredder + normal rocket from two heavies curving around walls pretty much kills everything. I did lose a Major-ranked Assault to a sneaky Chrysalid ambush in my last mission. That kind of hurt. But on the bright side he was the one whose abilities I was sort of regretting. My other Assault is going all the way down the right side on the choices. For when the rocket assault only softens up those pesky Sectopods... Rapid Fire Alloy Cannon w/ extra critical damage = game over.

All research complete, just need some more weapon fragments to finish off all the foundry projects. 2 countries in Asia at 2 panic, the rest of the world at one. Ironman Classic difficulty... I think you're done for
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