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Re: From Engage, make it so, do it, to Son of a Bitch

"You can't be afraid of the wind." Wasn't it?

There speaks the guy who's never been in an elevator with me, to hundredth floor.

Just wrong... on so many levels.

I had no problems with swears, if the drama calls for it. They can either edit them out or film it Beverly Hills Cop style... with a different, PG-13 take of that whole scene for network TV. It's all in the edit and the studio get two versions to peddle, I suppose.

Enterprise humans weren't supposed to be perfect and so far this century, I'd say we we're de-evolving backwards if anything. I'd love the 24th Century to turn out like early TNG, but right now... let's just say I have my doubts. Any group of people confined together for weeks at a time on a more primitive ship, would be cursing a blue streak when frustrated. Maybe should've pushed even more in that direction, when the situation called for it.
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