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Re: I'm getting a motorcycle.

If you sit on the license, your skills are going to degrade. If you only got 11 on a 0-21 scale, there's definitely still some room for major improvement. Don't bother with the figure 8 in a box, though. That's worthless unless you're taking the MSF advanced rider course afterwards. Think about it: why would you ever do that in real life? You exit the same direction you came in, just drive through. Failing that, you'd put your feet down and back up, not drive in a compliated figure eight...

Get a cheap bike, don't save up for something 'nicer'. Espeically if it means waiting and unlearning everything you just picked up. It's riding season, go find a starter bike. Then you only have to carry cheap insurance (liability) and no reason to carry comprehensive (and put high collision deductible) if the deductible is higher than you paid for the bike. Solves all your problems right there.
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