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Re: Has star trek changed

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Nemesis is the first and only movie I ever felt was so bad that I started laughing in the theater and couldn't stop. Gawd, that scene with a bloated, red-faced Riker toasting their dead (not really) comrade Lt. Data was cinematically pathetic (as we still had Data Gump). And Picard looked so frail and small onscreen. The Romulan council chamber looked like it was shot in a closet. After seven seasons they had no dramatic threads to mine ... they had to rip-off The Wrath of Kahn?!?!
Why did it matter that they were older?

I mean really I never can understand that attitude, I mean people get older, look at the real millitary, most of the commanding level officers are older.

If we are that shallow that we need a "hot young cast" well cool, ST09 is for you I guess, for a few years at least until Karl Urban's hair starts graying (he's 40 now, not much of a shelf life), then we'll have to give him the chop and replace with Taylor Lautner.

Simon Pegg is 43 and Balding, so better get him out the door before the next one.

Mind you, some bird had to get her norks out in this one, and that never happened in the originals.


Star Trek has changed.
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